Live Channels

Oceanic Time Warner - Now Spectrum, is the sole cable television provider for Maui County. Akakū Maui Community Media is currently carried on Channels 53, 54 and 55
Maui Channel 53


Channel 53 or Akakū Green is our Channel devoted to Government and Public Affairs. We Cover Live County Council Meetings, and replay Council Meetings, Boards and Commission meetings,  all Planning Commission meetings and other select Boards and Commission Meetings.

Maui Channel 54


Channel 54 or Akakū Red is the channel devoted to Community submitted videos. Almost everything submitted with the proper paperwork and signatures, by the residents of Maui County will be played on this channel.

Maui Channel 55


Channel 55 or Akakū Blue is our Live and Local Channel. Daily episodes of Democracy Now are re- broadcast 4 times a day. This is also our showcase channel, Live community produced talk shows, sporting events and other current community events are broadcast on this channel.

Maui Video on Demand

Akakū Maui Community Media, provides video on demand through the internet. We are bringing you some of the programs that have been submitted to Akakū.

Series Programs - Programs that are produced on a regular basis by Akakū productions or Community Producers.

Molokai Videos - Molokai is a unique island within Maui County, and our office on Molokai has created a very local subset of videos extremely relevant to the residents of Molokai. Even if you are not from Molokai, you will enjoy watching some of the programming here.

Maui Youth Now, our premiere weekly youth program, produced by 11 to 17 year olds, about youth issues and interests.

Maui County Council, Video On Demand - The County of Maui records and archives all county council meetings.

Maui County Boards and Commissions, Watch all planning commission meetings and other select commission meetings.

Maui Tube - This is our education and training website for Youth. This site is in development and is currently utilizing the vericorder platform for shooting, editing and uploading on mobile devices.

YBEAM, Youth Broadband Education and Mentoring - This is where students learn to produce, shoot, edit and upload from a mobile device, compelling short stories about community members and events.

Maui Channel 53

Channel 53

Maui Channel 54

Channel 54

Maui Channel 55

Channel 55



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