Users of Akaku equipment and facilities and/or presenters who wish to submit series programs for air or to post their individual or series videos on the Video On Demand section of the Akaku website, are required to pay an annual AKAKU PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE (APA) FEE of $35. 

Payment of this fee allows the user the following benefits:

Eligible to present Series Programming with assigned time slot

Ability to check out camera equipment and use media lab to produce non-commercial video for first use on Akaku channels.

Use of Akaku facilities, equipment and media lab after class certification

Discounts on classes 

Programs posted on Akaku Video on Demand webpage at no charge

Eligible to apply for KAKU Radio access

Access to Online Community Producer Forum

Maui Channel 53

Channel 53

Maui Channel 54

Channel 54

Maui Channel 55

Channel 55



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