Aloha From Akaku Education

Aloha, Welcome to the Akaku Education Department if you would like to signup and register for our classes please review the following information and procedures before signing up.

“The Intro to Akaku and Public Access Media” class is REQUIRED prior to any other paid classes.

Here is the suggested workflow for signing up for classes:

  1. Go to Membership Login at the top of the website.
  2. Select the Sign In button and select “APA Member” under the membership type.
  3. If you have already registered, Upgrade your status to ʻAPA Memberʻ by signing in to your profile. Pay $50.
  4. Sign up for "Intro to Akaku" and Public Access Media class. Pay $10.
  5. Register for the desired course. Pay class fee.
  6. Please read through our Policies and Procedures so you can familiarize yourself with our policies. (Read Here)




Director of Education

Kat Tracy

Things to consider before you sign in or register for a class:

Non-Member Registration

The non-member registration status is for those who do not intend to use our facilities and equipment OR if you want to enroll in a free salon or workshop. You can still register for classes at our full rates.

APA Member Benefits

All other registrants should sign up to become an Akaku Producer Associate (APA) Member first. The  Akaku Producer Associate (APA) Member fee is $50/year and you are granted a $50 discount on ALL classes you take at Akaku. (e.g., If you register for the Studio class at $200, as an APA Member you get the price discounted to $150./per class.)

  • The APA membership allows you Discounts on classes, as well as, the use of Akaku facilities, equipment and media lab after your class certification.
  • If you are taking the video production classes it gives you the ability to check out Akaku camera equipment and use the Akaku media lab computers to produce, non-commercial, video for first use on Akaku channels.
  • As a producer, once you submit your program it allows your program to be posted on Akaku Video on Demand webpage at no charge.
  • If you are a producer submitting a pre-produced program as a series, you are eligible to get assigned time slot for your series.
  • If you are interested in our radio station it allows you to be eligible to apply for KAKU Radio access
  • The APA membership fee allows you to access to Online Community Producer Forum


Need Help?

If you need any assistance to do this you can call us