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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mahalo to Jared Kuroiwa!  Jared is developing Interactive TV (iTV) at Oceanic Time Warner.  He is also part of a non-profit organization called Hawaii Open Data, working with local and state government on more transparency and community participation.  In his free time, Jared built a vivid, easily searchable campaign finance database.  Click on the link below--then click on the candidates' names to see where their campaign money comes from and where the money goes.

Kuriowa said, "(Iʻm) Starting a new role at Oceanic Time Warner Cable in developing their on-demand platform and finding ways to integrate web technologies into their distribution model. Looking forward to developing a new channels and online platforms to hopefully inspire and educate the community.

"And on the side, I've been playing around with government data sets writing code to pull available data into databases and building APIs and websites from them. The main project is a mashup of Campaign Spending Commission, Ethics Commission and Office of Elections data into Ultimately the goal is to push for more transparency in government and showing what open data initiatives can do for the the community.

Burt Lum, Ryan Ozawa and I have recently started a non-profit called, Hawaii Open Data to push these open data initiatives forward. We are currently working with the City & County of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii to develop not only the technological infrastructure, but more importantly community adoption."

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LAHAINA - The West Maui Taxpayers Association's "Candidates' Night 2012" will be re-broadcast for our viewers in the next week, according to the schedule below.

The WMTA event is the only forum of its kind in West Maui. The tradition for WMTA's Candidates' Night is to invite all candidates appearing on the West Maui ballot. Each candidate may give an introductory statement, followed by preselected questions in a debate format from the WMTA moderator.

Akaku's coverage is sponsored, in part, by The West Maui Taxpayers Association and by a generous contribution by Joe Pluta Realty.

This Candidates Forum will be re-aired with the following schedule
10/25 1:43:30 pm  WMTA Candidate Forum, Akakū channel 54
10/26 3:23:30 pm  WMTA Candidate Forum, Akakū channel 54
10/26 8:25:43 pm  WMTA Candidate Forum, Akakū channel 53
10/27 5:28:41 pm  WMTA Candidate Forum, Akakū channel 54
10/28 6:30:29 pm  WMTA Candidate Forum, Akakū channel 54
10/29 7:11:00 pm  WMTA Candidate Forum, Akakū channel 54
10/31 7:11:00 pm  WMTA Candidate Forum, Akakū channel 54

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Friday, 12 October 2012 17:21


Each election year Akaku offers all Maui County candidates 3-minutes of unedited airtime to introduce themselves to voters and the greater community. It is an opportunity to share who they are, explain why they are running for office and present the issues that they feel are most important.

Watch the full "Meet the Candidates" segments that are currently running on Akakuʻs Channel 54. Individual candidate tapings can also be found on Akakuʻs Election Information website. Get to know your 2012 General Election candidates by clicking here.

Remember, your vote is your voice as an American citizen. Itʻs your opportunity to be heard, to hold elected officials accountable for their decisions and to have a say in important issues that affect your community. On Election Day, every vote matters. No Vote No Grumble!
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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 16:49


Dress Up and Share a Spooky Story or Send Halloween Wishes Akaku would like to invite all of Mauiʻs keiki, and the young at heart, to come in and send their Halloween Shout-Outs. You can dress up in your Halloween costume, tell a spooky tale, or simply wish a Happy Halloween to loved ones and friends. Come as an individual or bring a whole group. If youʻre the creative type, feel free to send in your own videos, including skits and pranks. We are open for tapings Monday thru Friday between 1pm and 5pm. The deadline for Halloween Shout-Outs and submissions is October 25th. Halloween segments will be compiled together and aired from October 26th thru Halloween night at 5pm on Channel 52. If youʻre interested in scheduling a taping or for more information please call Akaku at (808) 871-5554.

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Akaku has an opening for a community board member.
If you are interested the nomination committee will be holding interviews this month and present their recommendation to the Akaku board at the annual meeting to be held on October 25th. 
Deadline to nominate yourself is October 20th, 2012.
Please email Gene Zarro at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for an interview appointment.

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