Tree teaching Introduction to Akakū Studio Production class

This course is an overview on preparing and running a studio show. Students will be taken through all the steps involved in a studio production from setting up lighting, using a video mixer, running an audio board, technical direction and directing a multi-camera shoot. Upon completion of the class, students will have to assist as volunteers on four current studio productions to become “Akakū Certified Studio Producers” enabling you to produce your own studio shows or crew another show. This Class is ‘hands-on’.

ClassRegistration-01-01Manual for the BlackMagic ATEM ME/2 Video Switcher

Compix Character Generator Manual

Studio Production Certification

Cost $185 Non-Akakū Production Associate (APA)or  $150 Akakū Production Associate (APA)

Re-Certification/Class Retake or Student (12-18 years) Rates: $75

Equivalency Exam: $85 Non-Akakū Production Associate (APA) or $50 Akakū Production Associate (APA)

Akakū Production Associate Fee (APA Fee)

The annual Akakū Production Associate (APA) fee is $35.00.  This fee is included in the cost of your first Certifiable class but will need to be paid annually to continue to check out equipment, reserve the lab or receive APA discounts. Payment is required of all certified producers prior to reserving and checking out equipment, utilizing editing facilities, reserving and utilizing the production studio, and running and voting in elections to fill Producer Representative seats on the Akakū Board of Directors.

Producers can pay the fee by calling Akakū at 808-871-5554 or by visiting the front desk.  Volunteer hours are available to offset the cost of the APA fee. (Hours are based on $10/hour.)


Class is offered every other month.

Class Times & Days: 4days x 3hours = 12 Class Hours Total (Class may run over some days)

Class Limits: 12 Max/4Min Class may be cancelled due to lack of enrollment. Call 871-5554 to register early.

*Required: After Class Hours, MUST volunteer on 4 Akaku studio shows to Certify, be current on APA fee and have taken ʻIntro to Akakuʻ.

Certifying enables you to reserve and utilize the Michael Clark Production Studio!

Who Should Attend:
This course is for those who want to produce and direct their own multicamera studio show or crew a studio show. Community leaders who want to get their message on TV.

What You Will Learn:

  • Basic set lighting
  • Audio mixing of a live production
  • Graphic character generation
  • Video mixing
  • Studio camera operations
  • Directing
  • Hosting

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

  • Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS
  • Basic knowledge of Windows
  • Some knowledge of video production is recommended

Location: The Michael Clark Studio
333 Dairy Rd. Suite 104
Kahului, HI 96732

Evening Class:
Studio Training: If on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday- Class runs 3pm – 6pm unless otherwise noted

Studio Production: IF a Saturday- begins at 10am